About this update
• Integrates the January and February 2022 Android security patches.
• Adds more Omoji decoration items and facial types.
• Improves system stability and performance. • Fixes an issue where some screenshots didn't appear in Photos. • Fixes a connection issue with phone calls. • Fixes a display issue that might occur when you switch between landscape and portrait modes. • Fixes an issue where the floating window could not be moved in some scenarios. • Fixes an issue where an error might occur when you switch between apps via navigation gestures.
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  • 1. To reduce risks, we recommend backing up your personal data before the update.
  • 2. It is normal for your phone to heat up slightly during the update. Once the update is complete, your phone will quickly cool back down.
  • 3. If you encounter any problems when using the new version, please contact our customer service.