Android 11

Official version  Version up to date  2021.10.30


About this update

This update integrates the August 2021 Android security patch, fixes some known issues, and improves system stability.

Update log
• Integrates the October 2021 Android security patch.
• Fixes an issue where GPS location service might sometimes be unavailable in some apps.
• Fixes an issue where Wi-Fi would not connect automatically in some cases if you switch the device user account.
Recent tasks
• Fixes a display issue with recent tasks.
Home screen
• Fixes an issue where Home screen widgets might overlap with each other when you enter the Edit mode on the Home screen.
Sleep Capsule
• Fixes an issue where you might sometimes be unable to enter Sleep Capsule.
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  • 1. To reduce risks, we recommend backing up your personal data before the update.
  • 2. It is normal for your phone to heat up slightly during the update. Once the update is complete, your phone will quickly cool back down.
  • 3. If you encounter any problems when using the new version, please contact our customer service.